Agena Marin, a successful boat manufacturing company presents, Taxi Cat. Our newest member of the fleet. The multipurpose catamaran is suitable for 18 passengers and cargo transport. Buy a boat business solution.

Multipurpose business solution

Meet our fleet member TAXI CAT, catamaran tailored to the multipurpose application;


water taxi

diving, scuba diving

commercial fishing

island hopping


on demand

hop on hop off

cargo ship

water transport

tour boat


boat bus

Buy catamaran for comfortable and

efficient water taxi services.


Our catamaran workboat is designed and tested for exceptional customer satisfaction and made to please its owners.

Boat safety

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Wind and wave safe catamaran. Taxi Cat assures safe and comfortable transport. It offers superior turning capabilities that increase safety.

Boat stability

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Taxi Cat provides maximum stability. Using industry-leading composite engineering, it offers the lightest, most durable boat possible. Damping effect reduces fatigue & motion sickness that favors children and seniors.

High speed

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Taxi Cat is reliable and fast, reaching up to 20 knots. It can provide your visitors with comfortable yet quick and efficient transportation.

The important advantage of the speed of a Taxi Cat is the capacity to outrun bad weather.


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The boat has two separate engines that make maneuvering in confined areas more comfortable.

These double engines are capable instruments. Even when wind and current present, extra challenges.

In rough water conditions, our boat produces steady, smooth, and dry operation.

Fuel economy

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Taxi Cat is made combining the advantages of composite technology and a specific hull form. So, that results in a catamaran that saves energy and consumes very little fuel.

Eco friendly

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The eco-friendly catamaran has low running costs and easy maintenance. Also, industry-leading fuel efficiency, minimal drag, and excellent sea keeping manners.

Fast ROI

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It has been tested and proven – your guests will love how easily they can move around your water taxi. Up to 30% more efficient than the conventional craft of the same size.

That translates into a quick return on investment for you!

Hop on hop off boat

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The entire boat is designed ergonomically for easy embarking and disembarking. Hopping on or off the boat is a breeze.

Beach landing

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We have adjusted the vessel to people of all ages and different types of destinations. It can even drop off the passengers right on the beach!

About us

Agena Marin is a visionary manufacturer of the modern, innovative and original fleet of boats. Our vessels are suitable for all tourist destinations around the world.

Semi-submarine demonstrates how Agena Marin has established itself as a trusted and successful shipyard. We build high-quality vessels for worldwide commercial use.



In his research, Mladen Peharda, Owner and R&D, has noticed the need for high-speed Catamaran Passenger transportation.

This research started in 2008 with a team of naval designers and specialist catamaran architects.

Peharda’s initial goal was to create the stunning performance power catamaran that could challenge conventional builds and provide increased versatility to increase operation time.


Agena Marin is always trying to fulfill the newest technological requests, all together with original, unique, and utilizing forms.

The main field of our application is continuous effort to produce something different, creative, something with a vision that stands along with function.

Taxi Cat story

The Agena Marin – Taxi CAT brings these together by combining a hull form with composite technology to deliver improvements in wash reduction, fuel efficiency, ride quality, and sea kindliness.

Our services don’t stop with a boat for sale. We offer full service for a marine business solution.

We offer you our support, finance plan, delivery — complete business solution.

Business solution

Our services:

– consultation and suggestion process

– preparation and pre-production

– help you build a business plan

– boat building

– find you the best and cheapest means of transportation

– international shipping

– train your staff


Agena Marin has introduced a significant change in hull design for small passenger and cargo catamaran industry.

Boat draft

The shallow draft provides more anchoring opportunities – you can enter shallow docks, away from the crowds and closer to shore – and access the places others cannot reach.

A catamaran’s shallow draft is an often underrated safety advantage. Many of the planet’s most beautiful anchorages and harbors are in the remotest regions.

Boat hull

With the hull design and construction, we have reduced needed engine power. The weight reduction improves various other aspects of the boat’s ride.

Taxi Cat has less hull volume, higher displacement, and shallower draft.

We have made our wave-piercing boat hull with decreased buoyancy bow in the forward portions. When a catamaran encounters wave, the hull pierces through the water. Making a smoother ride than traditional designs.

Taxi Cat has an incredible balance due to the two hulls and the beam.

Boat design

Innovation design of the Taxi CAT represents an exciting new generation of the catamaran. We are making and designing catamarans that are safer, faster, and more visually appealing than ever before.

UDH (Ultrafine Displacement Hullform) connects catamaran bows with a high bridge deck and parallel lines aft of amidships. The result is minimal drag and excellent sea keeping manners.

With our hull design and construction, we’ve reduced engine power to a fraction of what conventional hull designs need.

Composite materials

We build lightweight and durable catamarans by combining high-performance composite materials with sandwich sheets.

We’ve used composite panels to optimize structural weight and decrease development time in the production of lightweight composite structures. With this, we have avoided time-consuming steps typically required to fabricate high-performance composites and reduced material waste and tooling costs.

Vacuum infusion

Applying vacuum infusion with unique hull and deck composite engineering enables the lightest, most durable, most robust vessel possible. The result is maximum stability with industry-leading fuel efficiency.


Taxi Cat offers fast and safe boarding and disembarkation of the vessels.

The catamaran is excellent for commuters traveling between islands and land. The bow also incorporates the boarding steps for immediate access to the local beaches.


Taxi Cat is designed to wave pierce and never “slam.”

Wave-piercing bows are designed to cut through waves and increase performance by reducing pitch resistance. The result and advantage is comfortable ease of motion and higher speed.

Outboard engines

The catamaran’s two outboard engines can help with maneuvering.

Also, we have achieved better speed and ease of maintenance by using two motors.

Boat handling is so much easier than the conventional vessel. Anyone can quickly learn the basic maneuvers on our catamaran. The high helm position of a catamaran and outboard motors considerably help docking and tight harbor maneuvers.

International shipping

We provide worldwide shipping with
the possibility of disassembling some
parts making the boat to be
easily transported in a container.


Taxi Cat has higher speed capabilities in rougher sea conditions than most boats can cope.

9,60 m
3.30 m
2 x 100 kW ( maximum permissible power)
20 knots
18 passengers + 2 crew members
Fuel tank:
2 x 103 l
Max. 2100 kg

Case study

We listened to our customers and realized they need “a bus line” between the islets and the main island. In a way, for us, this was a “back to basics” project that would offer a simple, yet fast, reliable, and safe means of water transportation. When Mladen Peharda and Agena Marin announced this new attractive vessel for short trips, we didn’t hesitate in ordering one for our business

Norbert Žaknić, CEO of Memula Korčula, Croatia

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